I will be posting lots more of my artwork here (not just chickens!), and plan to make galleries, videos, and write more, too.


Check back later, as this will take time to build! Thank you for visiting.

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People ask me why I paint chickens, and how.

I usually start my paintings with a chicken face, or an animal face of some kind. I see a great expression or angle, or a particular look in the eye, so I try to re-create it on paper. While I’m sketching this out it almost always changes and becomes something different than I thought at first.


I think it’s because of the ideas. I can feel them hanging around nearby, watching over my shoulder. Ideas like to tiptoe up close when they see you playing and having fun, so I’ve found it’s best to just wait for them to gather around and join in. Some of them even whisper in my ear, which is really cool.


If there’s a whole flock of ideas crowding all at once, I make them hold on a sec while I write them down – ideas tend to be really bright and obvious when they first show up, but I’ve seen them just go *POOF* and disappear, so I make sure to save my favorite ones for later.


When the time comes to start painting, I put on a movie I’ve seen a hundred times for background, and settle in. This part takes hours and sometimes days and I often suddenly look up and realize it’s the middle of the night. Or I thought it was lunchtime but it’s really 5 PM… same thing happens later on when I play with them in Photoshop. (The ideas love that part too.)


I’ve been saying for years now that I want to make more videos of how I hand-paint and digitally edit my artwork, so that’s my Plan. I’m going to put more Messing Around videos up, more galleries of artwork – even the non-chicken stuff, and maybe even write down a few thoughts now and then too.


No promises though. I have to keep playing and I don’t want the ideas to get bored and wander off.



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